Solapur Social Arts & Commerce College

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Unique Features

  • First Muslim Minority College for Higher Education at Solapur.
  • Higher Education from UG to PG
  • College results always higher than University-results.
  • Educational center for economically & socially deprived students.
  • Effective participation in N. C..C. and N.S.S. extension activities.
  • Increasing participations in sports in University & Inter-University sports-events.
  • College is Winner in Hocky sport since establishment of University.
  • One student having  7th rank  in India  in Table Tennis.
  • 10 Students of the college have completed C.A. course.
  • College is conducting Pre-sem  test and Prizes are given to successful candidates.
  • Self employment programmed for Male and Female Students.
  • Introduction of various short-term courses to enhance  different skills & art among students.
  • MOUs & Collaborations with various Social, Education, Medical organizations beneficial to students.




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Our Vision


Quality education to all, especially to the students belonging to minority community and to up-lift the poor and downtrodden.

Enhance the personality of the students by fostering moral and ethical

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  • Empowerment through higher education of weaker and deprived students of minority community, socially and economically backward class irrespective of their caste & creed.

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      Naac Visit

      Principal Of Social College honured withAadarsh Sikshak Award


C. S 10659, New Building, Siddheshwar Peth, Opp. Saifee Hospital, Solapur  413005


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